SODIMM DDR5 8GB 4800MHz TRANSCEND 1Rx16 1Gx16 CL40 1.1V

SODIMM DDR5 8GB 4800MHz TRANSCEND 1Rx16 1Gx16 CL40 1.1V

Motherboard memory module type:SODIMM DDR5; Memory capacity:8 GB; Clock speed (in MHz):4600; CAS latency:40

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Compliant with JEDEC international standards, Transcend's new-gen DDR5 DRAM modules come with high-quality chips and key components. Quality is guaranteed with rigorous reliability tests. DDR5 features two independent 32-bit channels that bring speeds to 4,800 MT/s. 1.1V low working voltage and PMIC effectively reduce signal interference while cutting down power consumption for your computer. On-die ECC automatically spots and corrects data errors, enhancing data integrity and system stability.


DRAM Module

RAM Type: DDR5
DIMM Type: Unbuffered SO-DIMM
Speed: 4800
CAS Latency: CL40
Capacity: 8GB
Rank x Org.: 1Rx16
Component Composition: (1Gx16)x4
Voltage. 1.1V
Pin Count: 262 pin
PCB Height: 1.18 inches