Lenspen Cleaning Kit White Cleaning Kit White

Accessory type:other accessories

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    NLPK-1 NEW
  • Gwarancja:
    12 Mies.
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  • Lenspen -- Used for all lenses; Digital, DSLR and Video Cameras, Binoculars, Aperture Spotting Scopes, Telescopes, other high-quality optical Items.      
  • Hurricane Blower -- Perfect for cleaning dust off lenses, fitlers, CCD sensors and DSLR mirrors.
  • MicroKlear Cloth -- Used to clean the body of the photo equipment, housings of all electronic devices, glass displays and much more.  Not recommended for high-quality optical lenses.


This Kit is perfect for customers who want a simple lens cleaner, and the extra pre-cleaning accessories to go with it.