HPE NS204i-p x2 Lanes NVMe PCIe3 x8 OS Boot Device (2x480 GB NVMe M.2 SSD inside)

HPE NS204i-p x2 Lanes NVMe PCIe3 x8 OS Boot Device

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    Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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HPE NS204i-p Gen10 Plus x2 Lanes NVMe PCIe3 x8 Boot Device (2x480 GB NVMe M.2 SSD inside)

HPE NS204i-p OS Boot Device is a dedicated hardware RAID 1 solution for those that wish to separate their data plane from their OS plane. It meets the certification requirements of VMware and Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct. HPE Gen 10 and some Gen10 Plus server platforms support a single NS204i-p OS Boot Device installed in one PCIe slot.

This RAID optimized SSD flash based solution utilizes the Windows, Linux, or VMware NVMe driver for easy set up and reliability. Because this is a PCIe add-in card all your drive slots are available for data storage.

The HPE NS204i-p OS Boot Device is a PCIe add in card that includes two 480GB M.2 NVMe SSDs. This enables customers to mirror their OS through dedicated RAID 1. The PCIe card ships with both a half-height bracket and a full-height bracket. You choose the correct bracket based on your server configuration.

HPE NS204i-p presents itself to your management interface as a single directly connected NVMe drive, not a RAID controller. As the NS204i-p is a hardware OS boot device, only RAID 1 mode is supported and it will not operate in any other RAID mode. HPE NS204i-p is "plug-and-play" with no need to configure or manage the device. Always ensure you are running the latest iLO version and update server BIOS, FW and drivers when they become available.

This option is pre-configured for HW RAID 1 for OS boot only and, by default, comes with 2x 480GB M.2 Read-Intensive enterprise-class NVMe with Power Loss Protection (PLP) by default

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